Ajlun, a city in northern Jordan, is famous for its castle. The archaeological site is popular for tourists. Ajlun Castle (also Rabadh Castle), an Islamic fortress, built during the period of the Crusades. The castle is located on the top of a mountain just outside the small city of Ajlun. The castle is an interesting maze of passages and levels, and offers a wonderful view of the surrounding area, northwestern Jordan, and off into Galilee. The castle of Ajloun was built in 1184 by Izzeddin Usama Munqith, the nephew of Saladin. Its main purpose was to protect the region against the crusaders. Towering above the green forested hills the castle can be seen from miles away. From the top of the castle, fourteen hundred meters above sea level, you can admire the panoramic view over the Jordan Valley. Ajloun castle is one of the best preserved examples of medieval Arab-Islamic military architecture. The castle's main features are a drawbridge into the main entrance, a fortified entrance gate and several towers. Inside, the castle is a labyrinth of vaulted passages, winding staircases, long ramps, enormous rooms that served as dining halls, dormitories and stables. The castle hosts a total of 11 water cisterns and the private quarters of the Lord of the Castle.