Madaba ;

Madaba ( City of Mosaic ) is a small town in central Jordan located 33 km south of the capital Amman , on the King's Highway, some 10 km from Hesban ( it was an important early Christian station on the pilgrims route from Jerusalem to mount Nebo via Jordan river ).

Madaba an ancient town with a long history of the Jordanian plateau, which was resettled by Christian Arab tribes , who came from Kerak region in 1881 A.D . It is now inhabited by Christian and Muslims a like(it is the best example for the religion tolerance between Christian & Muslim in Jordan ).

Madaba is best known as the location of the "Madaba Map" at St. George Churches, which was built in the 6th century ,Byzantine mosaic map showing depiction of Jerusalem and parts of the Holy Land. Madaba , being the first mentioned in the bible as Medaba at the time of Exodus, about 1200 B.C, it is recorded among the cities of the plain in Moab conquered by the Israelites tribes, According to the Mesha ( King of Moab ) inscription , the town was librated by the Moabite king around the middle of the 9th century BC.

You can see in Madaba the following sites :

- St. George Churches ( Mosaic Map ).

- Madaba Archaeological Park.

- Madaba Archaeological Museum.

- Mosaic School of Madaba.

- Churches: Apostles, virgin,….etc.