The site of john the Baptist’s settlement at Bethany Beyond the Jordan, where Jesus was baptized, has long been known from the bible and from byzantine and medieval text. Closer to the Jordan River are the remains of five memorial churches built by early believers. They were carefully described by pilgrims and travelers throughout history (5th – 20th centuries AD), linking them with Jesus ‘baptism on the eastern bank of the river. Some of these churches existed and were described well in to the Islamic period a sign of Christian – Muslim coexistence in Jordan until now. From the time of Jesus until the 6th century AD , the area and its settlement were known by several names including, Bethabara, Bethania Ainon, and Saphsaphes. Behtany formed part of the early Christian pilgrimage route between Jerusalem, the Jordan river and Mount Nebo and is depicted and named on the 6th century mosic map of the holy land , located in Madaba John the Baptist ,who started and ended his mission in Jordan, is the patron saint of Jordan for roman chatholic Christians . pope john paul II visited Bethany beyond Jordan during his march 200 pilgrimage to Jordan and the holy land and it was designated as Jubilee year 2000 pilgrimage site by the Catholic Church in the middle east, along Mount Nebo , Mukawer , tall mar elias and Anjara.