1 - Enjoy Jordan Tours 

Your contract will be with Enjoy Jordan Tours and Travel, an authorized Jordanian agency

(No : 200107432) , it is also a member of the Jordan Society of Tourism & Travel Agents (JSTA) , a member of the international association ASTA and member of Jordan Tourism Board (JTB).  


2 - To confirm your reservation, please follow these steps

For reservation, send your request to Enjoy Jordan Tours and Travel: If you are interested as an individual or as a group in one of our offers, we recommend you have a look at our website Package and Tours, for an unforgettable tourism trip in Jordan. You will find a number of options that you can choose from, and then send it to us. You could modify the suggested trip according to your needs and desires. All you have to do is to specify the places you would like to visit and fill in the needed information, such as the types of hotels mentioned earlier in our website; after you do all the pervious steps we will send you a new proposal without engagement as soon as possible.   Enjoy Jordan Tours and Travel will contact you to verify and finalize all the details concerning your reservation. This means if you are satisfied with our arrangements and programs, you can find all the flights available and make your reservation. Once you have informed us of the date of your flight arrival and departure, we can reserve your lodgings and other various services. Finally, we will send your bill with all the details of your program. You must confirm all of the details concerning the deposit of the down payment from the total cost.


 3 - Payment

Advanced and Final Payment After sending the confirmation of your travel program and bill, as a sum of 25% of the total cost should be paid in advance according to your earlier reservation.  


4 - The Payment Policy

Travelling in group: You must alter the deposit within 10 days of the reservation. The deposit will be included in your final payment. The rest of the payment should be finalized within 30 days before your departure to Jordan. If you reserved your flight 30 days before the departure, the total payment is required.  


5 -  Method of payment

Currently we are offering 2 methods of payment:

  1. If you are travelling with a group , then transfer the required sum to the agency’s bank account
  2. you can pay by faxing your visa or master card

If you’re travelling on your own, you can pay using visa, master card, American express, or by US dollars, Euros or pounds Paying by credit card According to the rules of our bank (Jordan  Kuwait  bank) The following is applied to all cases concerning paying by a bank card Attach a copy of your valid passport with a photocopy of both sides of your credit card followed by your signature, or an authorized letter to enjoy Jordan enabling us to obtain the required sum from the bank The document mentioned earlier must be sent by fax or mail when required  


6 - Refund and cancellation

We sincerely regret your decision of cancelling your trip to Jordan but we are sure that you have a justified reason for not joining us For full cancellation; You should send a letter by fax or mail to Enjoy Jordan and travel. Our cancellation fees are as follow   For Groups (from 7 Persons on) 30 days prior to departure date 100% refund 29 days to 15 days prior to departure date 75% refund 14 days to 7 days prior to departure date 60% refund 6 days to 3 days prior to departure date 50% refund 2 days prior to departure date 20% refund   No-Show case 10% refund.   For Individuals ( or less than 7 Persons) 15 days prior to departure date 100% refund 14 days to 7 days prior to departure date 60% refund 6 days to 3 days prior to departure date 50% refund 2 days prior to departure date 20% refund No-Show case 10% refund. If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your travel insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim your cancellation charges through your insurer.   Note: in the case of refund, you have to deduct 6% of the banking transactions  


7 - Modification

Each modification you want to make on the original reservation depends on its availability If the total payment has been received and/or the voucher has been issued no administrative fees are required except for the airline ticket bought from our agency  


8 - Responsibility and insurance

Enjoy Jordan responsibility is only to serve as an intermediate between all the sponsors concerning you and hotel’s reservation, services, trips and all means of transportation. Enjoy Jordan is not responsible for the following (Loss, damages, accidents, injuries and death, risks concerning air sea or land, diseases. Fires, natural disasters irregularities, theft, loss of baggage and personal items) In the case of any of the above occurs we recommend that you buy proper travel insurance when you buy your airline tickets  


9 - Complains and reclamation

If you are not satisfied with a certain aspect of our trips You may inform our local guide or trip consultant so that no similar problems occur.  The majority of such problems could usually be solved from the beginning. If not you should inform the general director of the agency. In case of complains you should inform the agency by sending an email, or fax within 15 days after the end of your trip. A letter of reclamation should include the justified proof. Enjoy Jordan is not responsible for all the reclamations submitted after 15 days after the end of the trip.    


10 - Accepting the agreement

The contract constitutes the acceptance of the company’s clients reservation, under the terms and conditions agreed between the client and the company. So the regulations of the deposits or the sum or the total amount of bank transfer or credit card that the client reads and accepts the rules and conditions    


11 - Bank Details

Bank account: Jordan Kuwait Bank Mecca Mall Branch Address : Amman-Mecca Mall

P.O.Box : 2558 Amman 11821 Jordan Tel. : +962 6 5517967 Fax. : +962 6 5517836

IBAN Code ( Jordanian Dinar ): JO79JKBA2420003691030013002000

IBAN Code ( US Dollar $ ):  JO64JKBA2420003691030023002000

IBAN Code ( Euro € ):  JO34JKBA2420003691030043002000  

Client: Enjoy Jordan Tours & Travel

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